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Attendance and Punctuality

It is important that students are present on every school day. We realise that, on some occasions, you may be away from, or late to school. When this happens, the following procedures should be followed:

Late to school: All years - After the beginning of the first-time timetabled lesson of the day report to Block 8 to get a note to be admitted to class.

Late to lessons: You must get a note from the teacher who kept you back and give it to the teacher of the next class. There is no excuse to be late to class after recess or lunch or between lessons unless a teacher is with you.

Early leave pass: You must go to the Deputy Principal before school with a note from your parent/guardian giving the reason why you need to be absent. You will then be given an early leaver's pass.

Leaving school grounds: No student may leave the school grounds during school time unless they have the approval of the Principal or one of the Deputy Principals. Students who wish to leave school early must follow the procedure above.

Absences: On the first day back at school you must bring a note from your parent/guardian to explain why you were absent. The note must be written and signed by your parent/guardian in English or the language spoken at home. Year 11 and 12 students must complete a Leave Application Form from Block 8 Administration Office.