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Attendance and Punctuality

Daily Attendance:

Parents/carers of students from Year 7 to Year 12 must ensure their child attends school every day.

Please click here to view bell times.

On occasion, a child may need to be absent from school. Justified reasons for student absences may include:

· Being sick or having an infectious disease

· Having an unavoidable medical appointment

· Being required to attend a recognised religious holiday

· Exceptional or urgent family circumstances e.g. attending a funeral

Parents/carers must provide an explanation for absences to the school within 7 days from the first day of any period of absence. Where an explanation has not been received within the 7-day timeframe, the school will record the absence as unexplained and unjustified on the student's record.

Parents/carers can provide an explanation over the phone with interpreters available in Vietnamese, Chinese, Khmer and Arabic.

Parents/carers are also able to contact the school via text message response to an absence notification or through email to where they provide their child’s name, grade and reason for absence.

Applying for leave:

Partial day leave: a student must go to the Deputy Principal before school with a note from a parent/carer providing an explanation for why leave is needed. An early leaver’s pass will then be issued to the student.

Leave due to travel: if a student is missing multiple days of attendance due to travel, parents/carers are required to:

· Notify the school before travelling

· Provide an explanation for the travel

· Provide travel documentation e.g. plane tickets

· Indicate duration of travel including a return date and the number of school days missed.

Parents/carers are required to complete an Application for extended leave – travel form. This form can be downloaded using the link and emailed to the school email address. A printed copy of the form can also be collected from the front office. Once received, the form will be submitted to the Principal for approval.

Click here for: Application for extended leave – travel form.

Contacting the school:

Phone: (02) 97262424