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‘As alumni, your story is of great interest'

In your busy life have you ever reflected on your time at school and wondered about your teachers and peers? The first few years after leaving school everyone stays connected. It is not long before a busy life gets in the way and you start losing track of your school friends and time just seems to fly.

A great way to stay connected is through your school alumni. I am often contacted by former students who are arranging reunions or trying to locate their school peer group. Our school has photographs, honour boards and newspaper articles that are a source of inspiration for that walk down memory lane.

As a school, we also value connecting with our alumni. Former students come to school events to talk to students about their journey in life.  Their stories will provide messages of hope and inspiration. They will frame success as a journey with changes and opening of doors being linked to perseverance and taking chances. These profiles and stories communicate a solid message face to face or in digital format.

As alumni, your story is of great interest to your school and you can provide inspiration for students beginning their life journey.

Alumni may also offer contacts in the real world, opening doors for young adults in the community and workforce. These may spark ideas of careers, civic impact or social connections. Engagement and the purpose of education are highlighted when alumni make connections with their schools.

In our 60th year Cabramatta High School is embarking on an alumni project. We want to connect with as many former students as possible and create a website and Facebook that is a virtual reunion. We want to celebrate the school through six decades of education. We value our varied cultural backgrounds, our students who have gone on to make their own way in life and those that have continued to live the school motto of Striving for excellence and Serving their community.

Beth Godwin, former Principal, Cabramatta High School.


50th Anniversary 2008

Video edited by Linh Nguyen (Languages)

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