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Special Education


The Special Education Unit started with 1 teacher, 1 Mild Intellectual (IM) class of 15 students in 1996.  In 1997 a Moderate Intellectual (IO) class was formed and another Special Education teacher was appointed with a temporary full time School Learning Support Officer (SLSO).  In 1998 second IO class was created, a third Special Ed teacher, one permanent SLSO and acting Head Teacher was appointed. 


Currently the staff consists of 3 Learning and Support Teachers (LaST), 4 Special Ed teachers including the Head Teacher and 4 SLSO.  There are 2 IO classes and 2 IM classes.  English, Mathematics, HSIE, Work and the Community, and Technological and Applied Studies Life Skills courses are taught by Special Ed teachers in the unit. All IM students are integrated into mainstream classes for the rest of the subjects and IO students are taught by main stream teachers in discrete classes for various subjects.


Each year all year 10 and 12 students (IM and IO) achieve RoSA and Higher School Certificate respectively with maximum outcomes.  This enables students to transit into work force with appropriate service providers.  The unit has a good reputation of student retention and attendance.


The student numbers fluctuate but the classes remain reasonably to the full capacity of 56 students.  The parents and the community are actively involved in the process of Individual Transition Planning, which leads to meaningful programs for every student. Some of the major programs that enhance student learning outcomes in the Support Unit are: Primary Links, Transition, Community Access, Work Experience, Work Placement, Post School Links, Travel Training, Social Club, Job Club, TVET-Discrete courses, Camps and Excursions.


The Unit enjoys its reputation in the community as being able to deliver quality educational programs, linking to every individual student's future goals.


The Head Teacher of the faculty is Mrs S.Prasad