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Creative and Performing Arts

Visual Arts

Visual Arts builds understanding of the role of art, in all forms of media, in contemporary and historical cultures and visual worlds. In contemporary societies many types of knowledge are increasingly managed through imagery and spectacle and much of students' knowledge is acquired in this way.

These subjects serve to facilitate the interpretation of such information. They place a high regard on how students develop an informed point of view and encourage tolerance, diversity and empathy between students, teachers and others in the expression of different points of view.

Visual Arts subjects recognise the contribution that different kinds of knowing make to understanding. They provide for the acquisition of both practical knowledge and propositional knowledge, and acknowledge the different sets of beliefs and values that condition understanding and practice.

Photography, Video and Digital Imaging

Photography, Video and Digital Imaging is designed to enable students to gain an increasing accomplishment and independence in their representation of ideas in the fields of photography and/or video and/or digital imaging and to understand and value how these fields of practice invite different interpretations and explanations.

Students will develop knowledge, skills and understanding:

  • through the making of photographs, and/or videos and/or digital images, that lead to and demonstrate conceptual and technical accomplishment.
  • that lead to increasingly accomplished critical and historical investigations of photography and/or video and/or digital imaging.

Photography, Video and Digital Imaging offers students the opportunity to explore contemporary artistic practices that make use of photography, video and digital imaging. These fields of artistic practice resonate with students' experience and understanding of the world and are highly relevant to contemporary ways of interpreting the world. The course offers opportunities for the student to investigate one or more of these fields and to develop understanding and skills that contribute to an informed critical practice. Central to this is the development of creative action, reflection and the exercise of judgement.

Photography, Video and Digital Imaging also offers opportunities for students to investigate the pervasiveness of these fields in the contemporary world in the visual arts and design, television, film, video, the mass media and multimedia, and to investigate the ways in which these fields of artistic practice have adapted and evolved over the twentieth century.


Music courses for students in Years 7 to 10 are both mandatory and elective. The mandatory course is designed to provide a core experience in music for all students. It is used to meet the requirements for the School Certificate. The elective course builds sequentially on this course and extends students' musical experiences and learning.