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Human Society & Its Environment

Business Services

The Business Services Curriculum Framework is designed to enable students to acquire a range of technical, personal and organisational skills valued both within and beyond the workplace. They will also acquire underpinning skills and knowledge related to functional areas within the business services industry.

Business services are those activities which bind an organisation together, enable it to function and connect it to its customers and community. As such, 'Business Services' represents both an industry sector (comprising those firms which provide a business service to other companies) and an occupational grouping (comprising those workers in all industries who are providing a business service within their own company).

Business services include management and administration; human resource management; sales marketing and advertising; and accounting and finance.

Business Studies

Business Studies empowers students to become informed and responsible citizens by developing knowledge, understanding, skills and values relevant to their interactions with business and participation in a dynamic business environment

Through Business Studies, students will develop

knowledge and understanding about:

  • the nature, role and structure of business
  • the functions, processes and operations of business
  • the nature, role, responsibilities and effectiveness of management
  • the impact of internal and external factors on business.

skills to:

  • investigate, analyse, synthesise and evaluate business information and issues from a variety of perspectives
  • communicate business information and issues using appropriate formats
  • apply mathematical concepts appropriate to business situations.

values and attitudes about:

  • informed and responsible participation in the business community
  • hical business behaviour
  • social responsibility of business.

Geography is an investigation of the world which provides an accurate description and interpretation of the varied character of the earth and its people. It is a key discipline through which students develop the ability to recognise and understand environmental change and the interactions which take place in our world.

The study of Geography allows students to perceive the world in a variety of ways and helps them make sense of a complex and changing world.


Students studying History evaluate the ideas and processes used by historians to produce history, and then apply what they have learned to enquire into areas of historical interest.

Students choosing the HSC History Extension, will learn about significant historiographical ideas and processes and will learn to design, undertake and communicate historical inquiry.

Students will also appreciate the value of history for:

  • critical interpretation of the contemporary world;
  • the way history has been recorded over time;
  • and the contribution of historical studies towards life-long learning.