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Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

PDHPE provides students with the knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions about healthy and active lifestyle choices that affect their lives now and in the future.


Compulsory   PDHPE Years 7 – 10



PASS (Physical Activity & Sports Study)  Years 9 – 10.

Child Studies  Years 9 – 10

SLR (Sport, Leisure and Recreation)  Years 11 – 12

Sport Coaching  Years 11 – 12

Exploring Early Childhood  Years 11 – 12

2 Unit PDHPE – Years 11 – 12


Excursions    In PDHPE, we believe excursions enrich students' learning and therefore, we incorporate these into our program.  These include but not limited to:


            - B Street SMART

            - PASS camps

            - Child Care centres

            - PSSA sport carnivals – Athletics and Team sport competitions

            - Recreational sport – e.g. bowling, rock climbing, lazer tags, fitness boot camps.


Sporting Opportunities

Students have many opportunities to compete in various KO sports, Bernera Zone, Sydney South West and Cabramatta High School level.


Competitions can also be run within the school during lunch hours.  In 2016 Anh Mai and Tina Dang were selected to represent NSW U15 volleyball in the National Volleyball Championships.


Luke Park competed in the All Schools NSW State Golf Championship held on the Central Coast in 2016.


Anh Mai and Ken Xaybounheuang were chosen to be part of the NSW Dance troupe for 2017.


In 2016, the Open Boys Basketball team came 6th in the NSW State Basketball Competition.


Sport and Physical Activities

Cabramatta High School is in the Bernera Zone Sports Association.  Every Tuesday afternoon, Years 9-10 students compete in Grade Sports where they play against other schools within the Zone.  There is a Winter and Summer competition throughout the year. 


For students who are less competitive, they participate in School Sport where they participate in Martial Arts classes, power walking and playing team sport.


Years 7 and 8 students do Integrated Sport as part of their curriculum.  They compete in a chosen sport in the Year 7 and 8 Gala Day organised by the Bernera Zone.



Every year, we hold 3 annual carnivals throughout the year and students who perform well in these carnivals proceed to compete at Bernera Zone level, in the Sydney South West Regional level and at Cabramatta High School level.  The 3 carnivals are Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Carnival.